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Sunday, March 29, 2009
Check it out.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Heres a Contribution from Dave in Ireland. I never would have guessed the 3 hour effort would land this. I rather like the "Avril toilet paper" bit, but I do wish the writing on the wall wasn't...brown!? ha.
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Nippon! Nippon!We won! Champs! Alright! Hey picture this, 6 of us huddled around Yumi's Cell phone with panic in our hearts...We saw Ichiro's game winning hit live on cellphone...That's a first. I think it's pretty undisputed now...esp. since en-route to the championship we beat Cuba twice. Get this:
Korea's ONLY 3 losses in the whole tournament were to Japan. Japan's only 2 losses, were to Korea. That's a lot for Asian baseball. Maybe it's something about Asian food? or or something. I talk like I'm Japanese...

PMA kickoff was great. It was fun seeing Gene and Cris, and U. Christmas. He is a psycho, but I love the guy...You rock Sir! We are Honored to have you as a mentor. My mentor lives with me, Nozomi. So that makes something easy. That night I stayed over a NODA and we had a pretty great party with tons of pasta and wine, Weeeo. Woke up without a buzz in my head, that must have just been the lords love, and we headed by train to Chiba for the soccer game where I saw the aura around Yumi's Phone and dropped all other distractions.

NEXT: Well Ladies and Gentlemen. Guess what. It's about music.
well, guess.
No. I'm not moving to mexico.
In a nutshell,
Strawberry Jam (Florence, Masa, and I) have been commissioned by the International JTB to produce a "real" Album, to be completed by August. This is cool. This is going to be Masa, Flor, and I working on something we can actually plan and write properly for the first time. We had a Skype conference today to talk about direction, and we three will get together for 3 days from next monday and to NOTHING but write songs. Hopefully write 12/13 songs within 3 days of blitz. JTB goes over lyrics, Then... I guess recording the songs, Duh. We shall see what comes out. I don't want to spill too much, Here. BUT it's going to be new to family music in a lot of ways, and God willing you'll see what I mean.
BUT yes, Anyhow, It's Official. That's pretty much my Summer, PMA and SBJ. Prayers please!

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Monday, March 16, 2009
Lets win it again! Japan taking South Korea on for the 3ird time in the WBC, and they could even face each other for the 4th time if both teams advance to the semi-finals from Pool A.

SAN DIEGO -- Lightning struck twice in the same ballpark for the Japanese on Sunday.

Just like three years ago when Japan defeated the Cubans here to win the inaugural World Baseball Classic title, the Japanese defeated the islanders at PETCO Park, this time 6-0.

Once again, Japan jumped out to a big early lead and rode the strong right arm of Daisuke Matsuzaka on to victory.

"Well, against Cuba, I just thought about the [2006] finals, [pitching] like last time," said Matsuzaka, a member of the Seibu Lions then and the Red Sox now. "That's how I wanted to pitch today. It worked for me."

It worked for the Japanese, too. In this double-elimination format, they are one win away from ascending to the semifinals again, this time at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles next weekend. They'll play Korea on Tuesday night here at 11 p.m. ET as the second round continues.

Cuba, meanwhile, which has been to the finals in its last 40 international tournaments, will try to stave off elimination on Monday, also at 11 p.m., against Mexico.

Both teams are now 3-1 in this year's tournament. The Cubans, who swept through the first round without a loss, tried to take the first glitch in stride.

"Stay calm," Cuban manager Higinio Velez told fans of Cuba baseball. "We are going to come back tomorrow with our all. Nobody will win this Classic without losing any games."

In the 2006 finals, the 5-3 Japanese vanquished the Cubans, 10-6, with Matsuzaka pitching the first four innings, allowing one run on four hits with five strikeouts. That night, Japan handed Matsuzaka a 4-0 lead before he took the mound in the bottom of the first.

Less than a year later, the Red Sox paid the Lions a $51.1 million posting fee and signed the right-hander to a six-year, $52 million contract.

On Sunday, as the Japanese played small ball in the wide PETCO environs to jump out to a 3-0 lead with three runs in the top of the third, Matsuzaka was even better and proved virtually unreachable. He allowed five hits -- all singles -- whiffed eight and walked none in his six innings of work.

Dice-K threw an economical 86 pitches -- one over the second-round limit for a starter -- 61 for strikes.

The free-swinging Cubans whiffed 12 times in the game against four Japanese pitchers and didn't collect an extra-base hit until Frederich Cepeda doubled to lead off the ninth. He was still standing on second as the game ended.

"Well, yesterday, within myself, I was thinking about Cuba," Japanese manager Tatsunori Hara said. "I was thinking of outcomes and situations, but what happened today was better than that."

The tournament MVP three years ago when he went 3-0 with a 1.38 ERA, Matsuzaka has added two more victories in this Classic, bringing his overall two-tournament record to 5-0 with a 1.57 ERA. He was the winner this year in Japan's opening-round second game at Tokyo Dome, defeating Korea, 14-2.

Matsuzaka also mastered the Cubans during pool play in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, pitching 8 1/3 innings of a 6-3 Japan win. That day, he allowed three earned runs on seven hits, walking one and striking out seven.

"I know Cuba is a good team, but particularly there was nothing I was too worried about," Matsuzaka said. "I knew that if I just concentrated, I'd have no problem."

Indeed. He's the only man in baseball history to own this trifecta: a part of the 2006 World Classic title, the 2006 Classic MVP trophy and a World Series ring with the 2007 Red Sox.

Against the highly rated Cubans in international play, Matsuzaka is now 3-0 with a 1.96 ERA in three starts.

In his two years pitching for the Red Sox, he's 33-15, following an eight-year career with the Lions in which he finished 108-60. He's also 3-1 for Boston in seven postseason starts, including a Game 3 victory over the Rockies in the 2007 World Series.

Matsuzaka is still a favorite of Japanese baseball fans everywhere and certainly, at 28, an accomplished big-game pitcher.

"Matsuzaka is a well-known pitcher who has competed in many different international events, the Olympics, as well as the World Series," Velez said." We faced a wonderful pitcher today, and we did not face an unknown at all. It's a pitcher that we respect quite a bit."

Barry M. Bloom is a national reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

Alrighty. Today's exclusive is just a little Techno version of "We love you "so-and-so" oh yes we do", with so-and-so being "Okasan" or "mom". I put this together is 4-5 hours over a year ago for a appreciation party Dance some of up boys did. You probably won't want to download this unless you are planning a foolish dance for mother's day, and you live someplace where people will understand "Okansan".

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Pickup Swap and more Spoof music
Friday, March 13, 2009
Hey, Shun and I took a couple hours to swap the stock Ariapro2 pickups in my Semi-acoustic to Gibson humbuckers from my now defunkt Orville by Gibson. Of course, It sound's better PTL. we took before and after recordings, and If you listen close enough on decent enough speakers, you could tell the difference...but most of you probably wouldn't care. So...PTL.
Man swapping humbuckers the right way is a nightmare. We ended up just cutting wires and taping them, but these "how to change humbucker" pages get so into the guitar it's crazy. There's always more to learn eh?
Oh, Please pray for sunny weather on Sunday. We haven't been out for a while. Speaking of out, we booked a show at a Rotary club hotel dinner, and they're paying and feeding us! YAY! We also have 2 more gigs at Bazzar (not Bizzare) events at service area's in Chiba during march, PTL.

ALSO....well....I probably shouldn't say.
How annoying is that? I really don't like it when people do that.

OK. Today's exclusive release...a parody- 0f Avril's "Girlfriend". You can probably guess...This is not GP or for children obviously. Keep this
quiet and to other adults please. This was just too good to not record, so I did during a quiet time. Just for the heck of it I'll take a moment to rant: Avril is dangerous. Destructive. Evil. I know no one reading this has Any of her songs on a hard drive. If you do, I hope It's only because you are also doing a parody. She's just another artist (, not artist. nowadays "witch" would be more fitting probably...) with the same message, Do what thou wilt. (Everyone should know what those 4 words mean) She's even got a small pentagram tattoo on her wrist.
Anyway, Here is the link to the song, and PW is Godfrey's first and last name, no spaces. It's worth the Download!
Long live the LOL.
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Kando Bando Live-In-Studio
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Hey guys! Was thinking about what to post next, and well, we had these sitting on my computer after one of the places we busk at asked us to record some live songs that aren't on our CD. So they could play our music in the store, while we play outside. So one afternoon the 4 of us hooked up in the studio and recorded these 7 songs, which we play out busking quite a bit among others. 4 of the 7 ARE NOT Family songs, So these are obviously not going on the blog for people to download and listen to. I just though someone might find it interesting to hear how we play them once or twice.
So again, here's Kando Bando "busking" style without Florence (shucks)
With Taka (bass, back vocal) Shun, (guitar, back vocal) Naoto (Keys) and Me (Vocal and Cajon/Hihat) with live recording's in the studio. Each channel made it separately into the computer and the tracks were mixed later and chopped into separate songs. Hope you find these fun and inspiring (The family songs I mean, ha)

Walk a Mile
Hey Jude
Hotel California
Love is the Sweetest Thing
Come Together
Funky Music
Time to Love

Again, you can download at my soundclick page, here.

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Friday, March 6, 2009
Beautiful music video. Apparently this is from a Christian artist trying to break into Japan. Thanks Iko!
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Memory Lane and Music clip #2
Ha, Just came across these tucked away on my computer while I was putting together a resume.
This is back in Shiz. These first 3 pics are all from 2004, sweet 16/17. Here's Jesse ol' buddy and I building the studio desk. Man...This was all mine when I was 17. I can't thank God enough. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and this is how the studio looked while tracking recycled, and a couple TCD songs. Notice the CDJ-800's and DJM-600 to the left? God I miss those...especially the DJM-600. Well the money I got from the sale went to...what was it again? JBL4410a? and...Sm57s? Oh that's right...a couple new cymbals and a LCD display. Was it worth it? Now...I say no.
Here I'm doing a photo shoot in the new studio. Don't ask.
My drum kit...When recording Say Goodbye or one of those recycled songs. I kinda wish for that cheap ol' 8" depth snare drum again. I can't get the same thump out of a 5 1/2" too easily.
I was...17 here in this picture as well. THAT was a fun night. You can see Mac sitting on the amp to the side waiting for masa to stop killing people with his photogenic.
I Laughed....I don't really know what I was going for with this. Anyway, 16 years old (2003) and the first ever "STEM" music on CD. God forbid. I don't even have an mp3 of some of the tracks in the CD. Bummer, they'd be good laughs. Man, I'm trying pretty hard to be rebellious here. It's even RED!!!!! There's only 5-6 copies of this CD "ever" made, (oh..."wow"...I guess) and if someones got one, Please leave a comment cause I'd like a couple tracks from it if that's cool.
Today's exclusive music clip: Something thrown together on request for XD core 08' DVD.

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Sweet Video
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Sweet video! I laughed out loud a couple times. Now what does one have to do to get mp3's of this actual album? Anybody? Great going guys (and girls) it's a super concept and I'm mad I didn't think of this first! Jus kidding.

pps. Sorry no extra song with this post as I promised. No time at the moment to upload one, But next post will carry something.
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Oh the Cost and Sansamp
Monday, March 2, 2009

This is something I got the inspiration for and recorded over a year ago.
I decided that from now on- untill I run out of stuff- that with each post I make here, I will upload some audio clip/demo/track/song that I haven't put up anywhere for one reason or another. Mostly because there wasn't really a place to do so, as most of what I'll post as "unreleased tracks" aren't really "tracks" at all, as you'll see with this first example. So if you want snippets of audio for powerpoints, or are interested in some of the demo "versions" of the songs you already know, or just want a laugh, make sure you keep checking back!
This song if for all the cheese lovers around the world. (If you really want to, you can download the song from my random files page on soundclick.

In other news, Taka from our...uh....Band(s) ordered this (Image below) last week. I also picked up a cheap new toy and 3 new drum skins since the bass drum skin finally broke through.
Bass players have probably all heard of sansamp. This unit is cool because even though it has 3 digitally controlled channels, the circuit is totally analog which you don't get with most multi channel pedals. We got it because we only get warmness plugging the Bass direct into the Mixer for busking (even though it is a Hi-Z input). This thing Is made for running into a PA with an analog circuit simulating a speaker cabinet type sound, or as a Preamp/tone control Made to be fed Directly into the power amp input on a Bass amp. (lucky for Taka His Trace Elliot combo has several routing options) First impressions both into a Head and direct (IMHO) are that It has a tad too much mud around 200-250 htz, and could use a tiny kick at 60 htz. (which Taka's Graphic Eq on the amp helped with) It's still totally in the ballpark though, and I know a lot of bass players like their tone a little fatter then sounds good to me. Used it a couple days ago for a short commercial recording project, and I didn't need a preamp as this thing IS the preamp. after some really slight EQ, (of course for a different song maybe it would have sounded great as is) It sounded real nice with a touch of that light bass distortion we like to hear on a pop rock song. Taka's got the 3 channels set for Clean/Warm, Mild distortion/aggressive, and Slap.
pretty cool all in one Bass player's dream!

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