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Memory Lane and Music clip #2
Friday, March 6, 2009
Ha, Just came across these tucked away on my computer while I was putting together a resume.
This is back in Shiz. These first 3 pics are all from 2004, sweet 16/17. Here's Jesse ol' buddy and I building the studio desk. Man...This was all mine when I was 17. I can't thank God enough. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and this is how the studio looked while tracking recycled, and a couple TCD songs. Notice the CDJ-800's and DJM-600 to the left? God I miss those...especially the DJM-600. Well the money I got from the sale went to...what was it again? JBL4410a? and...Sm57s? Oh that's right...a couple new cymbals and a LCD display. Was it worth it? Now...I say no.
Here I'm doing a photo shoot in the new studio. Don't ask.
My drum kit...When recording Say Goodbye or one of those recycled songs. I kinda wish for that cheap ol' 8" depth snare drum again. I can't get the same thump out of a 5 1/2" too easily.
I was...17 here in this picture as well. THAT was a fun night. You can see Mac sitting on the amp to the side waiting for masa to stop killing people with his photogenic.
I Laughed....I don't really know what I was going for with this. Anyway, 16 years old (2003) and the first ever "STEM" music on CD. God forbid. I don't even have an mp3 of some of the tracks in the CD. Bummer, they'd be good laughs. Man, I'm trying pretty hard to be rebellious here. It's even RED!!!!! There's only 5-6 copies of this CD "ever" made, (oh..."wow"...I guess) and if someones got one, Please leave a comment cause I'd like a couple tracks from it if that's cool.
Today's exclusive music clip: Something thrown together on request for XD core 08' DVD.

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