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Friday, April 24, 2009
Ha, last night was rest night. I went up to the wing to talk to taka about something....and then...I saw them. Lego's. That's right. I spent an hour in the corner all alone...making this. Just when I was about finished someone pokes their head in all like " WHAT! we were looking for you! I gotta go get my camera!" and she did...and...Anyway. I like to think I still have some chops left over from my OC through to JT shipbuilding years.
Yep, I cut my Gorgeous locks of gold. I'm same old bald Steve again, except now with more facial hair overall perhaps. Our show today got canceled to to rain, bummer. it was in Makuhari so we were going to go to Costco for a pizza lunch. Maybe next week eh? Well at least our gig for tomorrow is still on, and we get to eat Buffet dinner at the Rotary club hotel dinner, among other things. Pray the lord can come through, and that we play well. If we impress this time it means more gigs. On the 29th, there's a good Chance Florence and I will go with Iko and crew to Primary Record's office in Shibuya, the Boss heard the song "Kibou" and wanted to meet the band, Esp Florence. Either It'll just be a good experience, Or the Lord wants to do something different....On the 1st, Friday, I'll be having a Visitor from DAG music, so pray that goes well.
The Party was Rocking. I haven't had that much fun DJing in Ages...I miss turntables so bad. Iko was kind enough to lend'm to me over the week.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009
You've all been keeping up with the SBJ website and stuff, thats where I've been. I went to tokyo for a week and I've been back for a few days, getting back into the grind. Oh, I had a Nice time a Bayside with Mas and Cherio, thanks guys for putting me up. It's always a pleasure. Well I suppose the big news is, were hosting a BIG area party tomorrow night with 43 people including SGA's kids coming over plus our own massive home's population. I managed to borrow turntables from a friend, and It's going to be a real kickass party, God willing. Pray that no marbles get thrown into the speakers or something, Yes. Speaking of our homes population, it's grown by one. JOAN from Mexico....JUST KIDDING...has moved in about 2 weeks ago and is settling in nicely. She's a terrorist. Now I have to work out, it's been 3 workouts in 4 days and I am SO SORE EVERYWHERE. I don't know...what the goal is at this point. To die and move on, or to get muscles big as... eggs? Just trying to be Honest. Well, Take care world, Please pray for me, I'm pretty swamped with PMA / SBJ / Kando Bando / WSA and then my own little moments of beer time. I love Ya'll.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here we are last Sunday under our local tree. I ran into town and bought some 6-packs and chips while Marie headed up the guacamole team, and in the end it was a lot of fun. Everyone has to do this at least once during the spring.Nozomi, PMA mentor Looking more hot everyday
Mary and I in surrender to the camera

We tried a new Kind of Happoshu, the new Asahi cool draft. It's like 125 yen a short. For you folks in Japan, I was impressed. It's a little less bitter then my current favorite Asahi Clear, and it's basically a tad easier going down but still has some balls for a Happoshu. Try it. A shout for Asahi...No Happoshu from Suntory or Sapporro comes close! (for me...agree? dissagree?)

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Friday, April 3, 2009
Were done phase one, we came out with 10 songs, and we will probably scrap one...which leaves ups with a few more tracks to pull out of somewhere before we start producing the actual record. But I'm sure that'll all come together.
Flor and I were going to hit the road for four days with Taka and raise some funds busking over the sakura weekend, but at the last minute Florence couldn't make it. PC home found a awesome witnessing opportunity which- If it's God's will- Includes a house... so Flor was needed. It was her hour. Alas, I'm still here...In I pray Sakura will still be in bloom in Shizuoka next weekend. Maybe we can find something to do.

Here's Audio blog #6. This is....for real, the second EVER piece of music I EVER made. 15 years old....256 Mhtz...64 megs of Ram....and some computer speakers, all in fruity loops 2.0. I didn't know what EQ was...Those days. Anyway, just posting it because I was rummaging through my CD's not long ago and found this. This has not been tampered with at all since It was "mixed down" (to mp3 I might Add...I seem to recall not knowing what WAV. was...) then ripped off CD and encoded once again into MP3. Be careful.....It's weird.

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