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My Top Family Songs Review
Friday, February 13, 2009
Heres my top songs, Not in any order or number: But they are classics to me and they deserve mention, for one reason or another. Sometimes a song can really be a significant step in someones life, and to another person the same song might be nothing special. The songs I will pick will be from the FFT era and onwards: anything before that, I don't remember it "coming out" it just always was: My own songs of course, will not qualify for this review either. duh. Some of these songs are things that I can actually remember telling someone when I was 15, are the top 3 family songs. I still think so now.
PS: these songs are chosen based on the response they had AT THE TIME of the release, not what I like right now.

My lists of FFT TCD classics:
Talking about our family:
If this song ever plays to a van-load of people, and everyone in the car doesn't sing all the words to at least one of the rap's, It's probably their way of asking for prayer. This song still gets everyone singing all the little sounds and blips that come with gusto. It's old, but STILL...has this certain energy that other songs don't have, however cool they may be. When this song came out, I remember like 3 teen girls ( I was like 10) sitting around the tape deck rewinding again again to memorize the words to the song. It was the bomb.
technically the song is a perfect representation of hit 90's rap by Secular standards. the production is amazing, considering the number of tracks, and huge amount of little sound clips and blips and all the noises that make the song cool- WITHOUT computers! this is 1995 folks... Image how many hours of sampling and tweaking it took.
Definitely a top 10.

My Little Rose
I flipped out. I only remember thinking "I wish the Chorus drums went to double time instead of halftime, but the drummer probably can't play it, That's why". Looking back as a producer I wouldn't have though, ha. To me at the time, This was the first authentic punk song that with the feeling I loved. It came out at the right time too, just when punk was really big in the system and we were all complaining that the Family couldn't "do it". It was my favorite family song for a year at least.

Charlie Made a Monkey
The song of that year for sure...It was a whole new step up, I remember teens being like "Woah, we can do this kind of music?" It was really spot on with the popular stuff of the late 90's. It still wields a certain power you don't really get anymore, even though it's old. Classic.

Wild Cats
I know other people don't get this song at all. But for me it's one of the best family hits of all time. I was so ready for this kind of Straightforward fast rock music with real shredding. "Go Get'm!" so cool. It a pretty cool concept song and the music is simple, But catchy with a lot of power. Nothing this fast came out before this time, so it was a new sound for family music to a lot of people, I think.

We cannot be Angels
Looking back now, I can't really see what everyone was into this song, Including me. It's not "Super amazing" and actually sounds pretty flat to me now. But all I know is everyone in my house, even the "out-of-it" teens, were mad about this song and the whole album actually, when it came out. Julie was fresh, young, and really relateable to a lot of people. The vocals were totally new and sounded like "system music" if you know what I mean. I think everything in the song just worked really well for the time it was. It was definitely a world-wide smash hit at the time, Classic.

Offending Pain
Very cool. It was dry, distorted, and angry-with a new message and approach carried by a top40 vocal performance by Vas. The perfect combination. One of the Best family Rock songs ever, and the only reason I haven't covered it is because It can't get better then this.

Died for you
This Song (and Album) was a step up for family music in terms of sound and professionalism. This really had a true pro-studio quality about it, because it was a true pro studio. The sound and production of this song and CD is truly flawless. I was probably old enough to appreciate quality back then, and I couldn't picture a better song. I got goose bumps hearing this the first time.

All that Glitters (Original Mix)
John...That guy can do any genre he puts his mind to very well. This was the first family song that fell under the genre of "trance". (Not house or dance or techno) This was trance. I'm pretty sure this song was waaaay overplayed at parties and dance nights for about 2-3 years. A total hit, and another first for family music. It was a whole new type of cool sound, and if this song didn't come out I think things would be different in the electro scene in the family today.

Root Of all Evil
Wow...Looking back, It doesn't actually sound all that great, nor are the guitar parts too cool or anything. I just remember getting the chills and listening to it several times in a row the first time I heard it. It was the first half decent rap/rock song, and that style was all the rage back then. Not Classic, But this along with a couple other songs signified to me the return of the TCD standard. The few TCD's before this came out were pretty low point's for me personally.

It's your time to fight
Off arguably the best TCD yet, This song and several other songs off the CD took family homes by storm. This TCD was really the solidifying of Godfrey's high place in Family music history. It's your time to fight was just a killer production for it's time. It was really the first time such aggressive lyrics were passed, and it was a new standard for powerful music that also sounded almost flawless technically. Very significant song and TCD in our history.

first time I heard this I played it 3-4 times in a row. I Actually got those "It sounds like system music" Vibes, in a good way. It was just the pop/punk style I was into, and I thought it was such a cool song. I was going around my house raving about it. listening back it's not the greatest mix, but I was 16 and I couldn't tell. This song gave me the chills for some reason.

I still remember the first time we heard this; Gabe downloaded the whole Creature CD and I think it was Mick, Gabe, Jesse and I in the studio and we listened to the whole album through together really loud. This song Just felt so right. Back then we were into POD and Creed and whatnot: This song Really had that heavy spaced out feeling that was cool. It was a real trip. We all said this one was the best on the CD, and I still think so. Wow...Thats four Godfrey songs in a row!

Lets Make Love
Still my Favorite LJ song. This song has real honesty, and I can feel Vas really belives and Lives these words. Other LJ stuff Is nice but I think this song it tops for simplicity, yet powerful, Catchy, Inspiring and real. This song IS a classic, 10 years later it's still as cool as it was. It always works at LJ night. I remember saying back in the day I thought this was one of the best 3 family songs ever.

Eagle Bleeds
THIS song...I remember hearing the tape SO much. We way overplayed the thing...Poor drivers.
No one will forget this song or the tape. It was the first time in the family for this kind of Aggression. We ate it up. Let me just say something about Vas. I can tell within...5 seconds of listening to a Vas song whether it's his own song, or something He is singing for someone else. He does a good job on both of course, But when he sings his own songs, you can tell. Something about him, is that...well, more then other modern family artists, he really sounds real. He sounds straight up and honest about his message, and really has that extra spark in the spirit that makes everyone everywhere love the guy. I'd really like to hear more from him right about now.

Why you Hate me
This is the last Family song I listened to, and got "the chills". Justin is real, you can tell from his music. He is the real thing, and not some poser trying make a hit record for the family. He loves Jesus and the spirit comes through in his voice. You can feel it esp. In this song. This wasn't so much a first in the family musically, But this song and the way it was executed with his fresh voice was really God. This has the fire! We all listened to this CD way to much.

broken wing
A first for a Real top40 sounding Rock song of this feel. The Creed era was going strong back in 2003 or 4, can't quite remember when this came out. But the genre was just waiting to be done properly in the Family, and Peter and David beat us all to it. It sounded professional...the guitars had that real Heavy sound we were hearing the Radio but not on TCD's, and David's voice was new and Killer. Nothing quite as worthy as this song came out for years afterwards.

Thats not all the songs I wanted to honor. But I have to stop somewhere. The family does have a lot of great songs. TTL! Lets keep working on it.
Other songs that didn't quite make it to the list, but are also family top40 awesome songs are:
Million Voices
Radical Teens (Godfrey's)
Psychic Waste (the real thing)
Prophet (Amazing chill inducer)
Double speak (Amazing lyrics)
PHILLYDEE (everything)
posted by Steve @ 11:43 PM  
  • At February 15, 2009 at 2:51 AM, Blogger Florence said…

    I totally agree with you about "Talkin' 'Bout Our Family." Can't get much better than those old JAS collaborations. That and other songs like "I'm Going Walkin'" and "Tap into the Power" are definitely ingrained in the memory banks.
    Called, Lifeblood, All that Glitters, and Justin Spirit and Philly Dee I definitely agree with you about all the way, and I'd list them in a top 10 too.
    I love that "their way of asking for prayer" bit. Hahaha.

  • At February 15, 2009 at 7:25 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At February 15, 2009 at 7:26 AM, Anonymous BladeMaster said…

    still would have died for you is such an awsome song, still listen to it. We can not be angels hmmmm julie's voice kinda goes sideways most of the time, though that's probably one of her more listenable songs.

  • At February 15, 2009 at 4:34 PM, Anonymous Joans said…

    no no, u got it wrong...again: FTT's not FFT's!!

  • At February 16, 2009 at 2:59 AM, Blogger Steve said…

    Yeah yeah, I screwed up. But any thoughts on the song selection?

  • At February 16, 2009 at 6:44 AM, Anonymous Marcus said…

    Hey bro I was listening to Heavenly Music the other day and that song "Growing Up" really spoke to me in so many ways and really encouraged me to keep fighting through a battle I am having. Thanks so much for making music for us, your doing something no one else could do in this capacity. Don't ever stop.

  • At February 16, 2009 at 10:20 PM, Anonymous Joans said…

    thank u for deleting that comment, I was about to give u some strong discipline!

    ahem, not sucha big fan of "glitters" (you know why). Everything else is pretty good, me gusta. (end of thoughts on the song selection)

  • At February 17, 2009 at 5:18 AM, Anonymous isamu said…

    "glitters" is arguably one of the best family trance songs. and wildcats and radical teens are some of the closest things we have to classic heavy metal, so i love those too.

  • At February 18, 2009 at 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Goodbye" was one of the first written by SGAs for SGAs about something that is 100% Family SGAs. Top 20 for sure.

    You probably have your reasons for not mentioning "cry of the angels", but it was also an instant hit for it's eerie feel and the way she belts out those vocals.

    And what about that one "God's gift of love" or whatever it's called, which was a smash hit with the ladies... I think it came out on one of the first FTTs, and was just like the most romantic thing EVAR!

  • At February 19, 2009 at 5:53 AM, Blogger Florence said…

    God' of love? Goodbye? I don't even know what songs those are. Maybe they're just obscure titles. I'd probably recognize the songs if I heard them though...
    What is Goodbye? I'm super curious. I wish I could google stuff like this.

  • At February 19, 2009 at 6:00 AM, Blogger Florecita said…

    Goodbye is Stems song of the goodbyyyeee girl goodbaaaaaye. I met you when I heard from a dude you were cute, I was sixteen and you were 2 years older something something about shaking your boots and your boobs and going loose.


  • At February 19, 2009 at 6:54 PM, Blogger Florence said…

    OHH!!! I get it now. Yeah the caps really helped.
    Wasn't that song called "Say Goodbye," Steve? Just "Goodbye" would be a pretty junky name for a song.

  • At February 21, 2009 at 7:45 PM, Anonymous Sam Baker said…

    Great songs:

    Far country - John Phoniex. Very good song with a rescue message for those gone the way of the world. Very trippy!! Makes you see the TRUE emptiness of the world and it's temporary pleasures.

    Goin down the road - One of the greatest Family songs IMO.

    Born again - Family. The other greatest family song. Changed a lot of lives the message really grabs you and gives u the joy of being free.

    Spirit trip - Fool moon. Fantastic! Trippy!

    From Jesus with love - Creature. So goood! Great lyrical content music is mas o menos but still good!

    Phantom of music - Metanoya. Chilling song, for me it personifies the spirit of system music and how it's went from something that was good and pure to something empty and dark.

    Just Trust-The Judgment - Fool Moon. I was blown away when I first heard this song. It was heavy and soft all at the same time. Very good message, when I close my eyes I can see exactly what this song is trying to get thru. I see a prophet in sackcloth with long hair, an over grown beard, on his knees shielding his face from fire falling from heaven. Then I see a woman holding Jesus' hand in the midst of an atomic blast, in a force field of his protection, completely at peace trusting in him to see her through.

    Glory to the father - Family. This song is such a beautiful one. Always takes me away outta this world and into the heavenlies.

    Born again - The Bible album. Great song, a real heart cry about how this world is dying form a lack of love. Very moving.

    My love is the wild wind - DC Band. Such an amazing song!

    Fun songs:

    Come closer - Dancing with Jesus. Such a fun awesome song. Great cathcy piano line there on the chorus and a nice loving Jesus song as well. One of my faves.

    Do or die (Rap song) - Family. TUUUNNEEE!! The coolest rap song that came out in the family. Played at all the Jett\Teen parties when I was growing up. Too cool for school tune!

    Tap into the power - Family. What can I say?

    Becoming of age - Family. Wow! It was intersting. Great rapping and rhyming!!! It was not till a few years later that if I found out if you listen to the music break in the middle you hear something. Blew me outta the water.

    All I can think of for now, good songs for me. GB!

    -Sam Baker

  • At February 22, 2009 at 12:32 AM, Anonymous BladeMaster said…

    Deffinitly born again is an awsome song. totally agree with that one. And yeah Cry of Angels is a top song, love the way it's done. And yeah have to agree again with sam baker about phantom of music by met a simple sound yet well done song.

    some of my all time favorites of love jesus songs, are enternal love, loveliness of you, and your him to me.

  • At February 28, 2009 at 7:02 AM, Anonymous Chris Knoke said…

    Yeah Shane, "you're him to me" is a hot one forsure. Great post Steve. I read this with my bro's and sis during a bonding activity, we got such a kick and it was so well written! Totally took you back to the whole feel of the time, nastolgic or natsukashi! I know what you're saying about Vas. That guy has soul! Eagle bleeds still cuts it for me. Inspiring read tx for the write up.
    BTW "highstakes" really says it all! GBY you for writing or getting that song. I was reading "the nature of war" today, kept thinking about that song. I'm almost surprised Peter didn't attatch or recommend it.

  • At March 5, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Anonymous Joans said…

    sam has worst taste in music.

  • At March 8, 2009 at 6:48 PM, Anonymous Sam Baker said…

    Joan has worst concept of reality.


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